Best Mobile Hairdresser in Your Area

BeautyDel mobile hairdresser is here to bring you convenience. Our certified and qualified mobile hairdresser travels across the city to your location. Anytime, anywhere. Home, office, venue, outdoor? Our mobile hairdresser got you covered! 


Our experienced mobile hairdresser offer a variety of services, including haircuts, blowouts and styling, for women, men and kids. Your mobile hairdresser will begin your booking with a detailed consultation to discuss your desired look. Once we gain a good understanding of your vision, our mobile hairdresser will then deliver the ideal haircut and styling. 


BeautyDel only connects you with highly qualified and experienced mobile hairdressers with years of industry experience. We promise to deliver 100% satisfaction.  Our mobile hairdressers work from 8:00am -10:00pm, Monday to Sunday. 

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Why You Should Try BeautyDel Mobile Hairdresser 

Flexibility: Our mobile hairdresser is here for you whenever and wherever you need it. Seven days a week, fourteen hours a day. BeautyDel mobile hairdressers will work around your demanding schedule. Early morning or late evening, we are here for you. 


Convenience: As the leading mobile hair salon in Canada, we are very familiar with the definition of ‘busy,’ so our goal is to make it as easy as possible to treat yourself to a relaxing hair appointment. Our mobile hairdresser provide services from the comfort of your own home and arranged around your space to ensure the utmost convenience. Our mobile hairdressers leave no mess behind after your hair appointment. Not a single hair! We travel with a portable hand vacuum. No clean up is required from your end. 

Safety: BeautyDel mobile hairdresser is at the forefront of the industry in ensuring that strict safety procedures are in place to keep our clients safe. Our mobile hairdresser come with full PPE including face masks, eye shields, and gloves. In compliance with the federal and provincial guidelines, BeautyDel mobile hairdresser follow strict infection control and sanitization protocols. Our tools are sterilized before and after each appointment. 

(Click here to learn more about our Covid-19 safety measures)

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Why Choose BeautyDel Mobile Hairdresser

Customizability: At BeautyDel, we know that everyone has a story and each person’s life is filled with beauty and diversity, but also challenge and responsibility. Because of this, our mobile hairdresser customizes each services to our client’s needs. Whether you are a working mom with only 40 minutes to spare while your child is taking a nap, or hard at work for way more than 8 hours a day, our mobile hairdresser is here for you in any way you need it. 

Quality: Our mobile hairdressers are highly qualified stylists with years of experience in their field. Both the equipment and products that BeautyDel uses are of the highest standards. We ensure to only deliver the best mobile hair services. 

Loyalty: When you choose BeautyDel, our mobile hairdresser will do everything in their power to ensure your experience is up to expectations. We make a point of getting to know our wonderful clients personally, taking note of any and all feedback so that we are constantly improving and maintaining valuable, trusting relationships.

How to Book with a BeautyDel Mobile Hairdresser 

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STEP 1:  Choose a hair service online at We will connect you with the best mobile hairdresser in your area. 


STEP 2: Your mobile hairdresser will arrive at your location and set up for the appointment. Nothing will be required from your end. BeautyDel provides all the equipment and products needed for your mobile hair service. 


STEP 3: Our mobile hairdresser offers great service customizability and flexibility. The general times for our haircut and blowout/ styling service is one hour, including set up and clean up time. After your service is complete, your mobile hairdresser packs up their equipment and leaves the space as it was found, clean and sanitized.   

What People Are Saying About BeautyDel Mobile Hairdressers

Our amazing clients have given BeautyDel mobile hairdressers a 5-Star rating on Google, and we couldn’t feel more honoured and loved. Here are a few samples of the reviews we have received in the past few months. 


I’m beyond pleased with my haircut and blowout. Patrizia was wonderful and gave me exactly what I asked for. She was professional, friendly, thorough and I’m very satisfied!


- Tamara R.  on Google