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Health Benefits of Foot Massage

Finishing your at home mobile pedicure service with an extended massage feels like the cherry on top of your favourite sundae, but what makes foot massage so pleasant and relaxing? Are there other things at play when we put extra focus on foot tension? Let’s dig into some underlying advantages of foot massage!

1. Pregnancy and Edema

During pregnancy, our bodies experience a fluid build-up that often travels down to our feet and ankles, causing edema (swelling). As pregnancy progresses, the fluid build up grows. Regular foot massage can help combat edema, and reduce swelling.

2. Blood Pressure/ Circulation

We often neglect our feet, and effects of this neglect include reduced circulation. Do your feet often feel cold, cramped, and tend to “fall asleep” quickly? Regular foot massage improves circulation in the feet and relieves these symptoms of poor circulation. This can be especially beneficial for diabetes and blood pressure conditions. Improving circulation also works hand in hand with lowering our blood pressure. Really, anything as relaxing as massage is bound to aid stress and blood pressure!

3.Energy and Immunity

Just as we learned from our benefits of Swedish massage blog post, massage improves immunity in quite surprising ways, foot massage also aids in lowering cortisol, and increasing white blood cell counts, improving immune function and lowering stress! Feeling foggy and fatigued? By increasing circulation and nerve function, foot massage can also reduce fatigue and improve concentration.

4. Foot Health

One great advantage of regular foot massage is an increased awareness of your overall foot health. Frequent foot massage can help alert you to ingrown nails, cracked heels, and possible infections, as soon as they pop up. Catching these common foot ailments quickly will make for easier treatment!

Has the hidden health benefits of foot massage piqued interest, and you want to indulge in this great massage between your scheduled mobile pedicures? We’ve got your back! Check out our DIY Foot Massage tutorial!


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