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How to Prepare for Your Mobile Nail Service

Booked your first at-home nail service, but don’t know exactly what to expect? Aren’t certain how to prepare? We’ve gathered all the common questions we receive in one place so you feel fully prepped, and excited for your upcoming pampering session!

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Who will be coming to my mobile nail service appointment?

All of our Beauticians have been hand-selected and fully vetted, based on not only their technical skills but customer service skills as well. All members of our team go through a rigorous hiring process, and introductory training, and have ongoing training and development available to them. We do this to ensure your services are safe, professional, and exceptional!

What are your technicians' skill levels?

All of our technicians have varying years of experience and specialties, but are fully trained by BeautyDel on top of their previous training. Our nail technicians do not have a medical background but are skilled in aesthetic nail services. This means they can assist with minor ingrown nails or nail splits and breaks. For more severe ingrown nails, or if any sign of infection is present, you will be referred to seek medical care. Your health and safety are our priority, and it’s important to have any worrisome issues addressed by a medical practitioner before your appointment with us.

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Do you provide mobile nail services for elderly clients?

We love to make our services accessible to elders! Because our technicians' skills are purely aesthetic, we will ask you some questions about your loved one. This includes the thickness of their nails if they are experiencing discomfort, if there is a sign of infection, and if they can sit up for the duration of their service. If it sounds as if they would be better suited to seek medical care first, we would be happy to provide regular services once they are tended to!

If your elderly loved one has any conditions that do not pertain to their hands and feet, simply note in “other notes” to fully inform their regional technician.

How do I prepare for my mobile nail service?

Simply prepare a space for our technician to set up near a power outlet, and we will do the rest!

It is important to provide a clean area to execute your service. This is a preventative measure against infection during and after your service.

Some of our technicians do have allergies and other sensitivities. If there are any allergens in your home (pets, smoking et.c.) please prepare the technician by adding this to your “other notes” section. For clients who do smoke, we ask that the client refrains from smoking for the duration of their service, and open their windows if they do smoke inside.

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How are your tools sanitized?

All of our tools are fully sanitized and remain sealed until your service begins. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in cleaning, disinfection and sanitization protocols.

Even with the most rigorous sanitization practices, performing nail services on broken skin, or in an unsanitary environment creates a risk of infection, though this is on very rare occasions. Taking preventative measures with your technician, as well as adhering to proper after-care will ensure your hands and feet stay healthy!

What Covid precautions do you have in place?

Our team cares for the health and safety of all our clients. As some of our clients are immunocompromised or elderly, we do ask our clients to still adhere to safe practices, and wear a mask for the duration of their services. We sincerely thank you for helping us provide a safe service to vulnerable clients that can’t access beauty services as easily!

Have questions? Contact us! We would love to connect with you.


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