The Start Of Our Journey

Veronica and I have been sitting across from each other in our fave little café for the past couple hours, remembering all the details on how BeautyDel got started and thinking about how to best tell our story to you.

Let’s throw it back to 2013, when V first moved to Canada from Paraguay. She was still perfecting her English language skills when she discovered both a love for and comfort in following beauty youtubers and influencers. She would watch videos ranging from hair and makeup tutorials to makeover videos, which sparked her interest in the beauty industry.

While completing her undergrad at the Schulich School of Business, V decided to partake in her own endeavour in the beauty industry. She realized that there was a way to increase convenience and efficiency by integrating technology and enabling the delivery of beauty services directly to the client. Another motivation driving the creation of the company was the issue of unjust compensation to beauty professionals, which BeautyDel now addresses by enabling beauty service providers to keep the vast majority of their earnings.

Drawing inspiration from the initiatives of numerous beauty icons whom she used to follow, V has many ideas lined up for ways to give back to the BeautyDel community. One of her first priorities is to begin putting aside a portion of BeautyDel profits to go towards providing beauty services to women who are struggling or facing difficulties. Her hopes are to increase self-confidence in women who may be in need of a little boost, while also reminding women everywhere of the value that they bring and the appreciation they deserve.

Veronica and I met in university and we have continuously developed our friendship over the years. I followed her progress and admired her motivation, so much so that she welcomed me onto the BeautyDel team as her right-hand woman. I love baking delicious treats, dancing like nobody’s watching, and taking long walks on the beach …in case you were wondering. Also, helping to make the BeautyDel dream a reality is a fabulous, all-female team of kick-ass beauty professionals.

On the BeautyDel blog our team will be sharing beauty tips and tricks, talking about the importance of and strategy for integrating self-care and -love into a hectic and unpredictable schedule, discussing insecurities and vulnerabilities that many women face, all whilst exploring and navigating the beauty industry.

We want to build a community of #BeautyDelBabes and create a safe space for asking questions, sharing experiences, and spreading love as far as possible. We can’t wait to see where this path will lead, and we are so happy to have you along for the ride!

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