Mobile Beauty Services

BeautyDel offers quality services including makeup, hairstyling, facials and lash extensions delivered right to the client’s location to be enjoyed in the comfort of their own home. The booking process is hassle-free; one simply selects the desired service, date, location and the BeautyDel beautician will be there.

BeautyDel was created to tackle the issue of unjust compensation to beauty professionals. Our platform connects beauty professionals directly to the customers, enabling all women, including stay at home mothers, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities to gain access to beauty services, all whilst allowing beauty professionals to retain the vast majority of their earnings. On the other hand, clients no longer have to face booking complications, delays, or crowded salons.

The BeautyDel mission is to create a new approach to beauty, increasing convenience while empowering professional women to pursue their passions confidently. Our vision is to empower individuals to embrace their beauty and feel confident whenever and wherever.

"Empowering Women. Whenever, Wherever."

Create a new approach to beauty, by increasing convenience while empowering professional women to pursue their passions confidently.

- Mission -

- Value -

- Value -

Our core values are the foundation of our company and set the standard for everything we create. 


Passion - Creating a positive environment lies at the heart of our business. We encourage individuals to pursue their passion and instill their love in everything they do.


Excellence - At BeautyDel, we are committed to continuous improvement and ongoing learning. This includes being up-to-date with the latest beauty techniques and the development of our professionals to ensure the highest quality service to our customers. 


Loyalty - Fostering long-term relationships with our clients is a core component of our business philosophy. We champion diversity and inclusion to help everyone feel valued and beautiful. 

Empower individuals to embrace their beauty and feel confident whenever and wherever. 

- Vision -

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