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Response to Covid-19

Beuatydel is doing everything necessary to protect our customers' and beauty professionals' health, safety, and wellbeing. We are taking appropriate preventative measures and following the Public Health Guidelines for general infection prevention and control. 

BeautyDel is taking the following measures:

  • BeautyDel professionals are fully vaccinated and may provide proof of vaccination upon request.

  • Numerous BeautyDel professionals are being Covid tested periodically, feel free to ask your beautician about this policy or to review their most recent Covid-test results.

  • Our professionals are utilizing personal protective coverings during every appointment.

  • In compliance with the federal and provincial guidelines, BeautyDel is following strict infection control and sanitization protocols. Our tools are sterilized and soaked in alcohol for 10 minutes before and after each appointment. Tools are then stored in a sanitization pouch and opened when the service is being provided. Every client receives a new set of disposable nail fillers, buffers, and scrubs.​

  • BeautyDel is screening each of our professionals prior to the appointment.

  • We are introducing contactless pay to avoid potential hygiene issues around handling cash.

As the situation evolves, we will continuously update our approach to follow the latest guidelines from health authorities.

As always, BeautyDel support is here to help with any issues, questions or concerns by text /call

(647) 371-0528 or email at

"Our top priority remains the health and safety of our customers and our beauty professionals."

beautydel covid measures
beautydel covid measures
beautydel covid measures
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