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Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

Affirmations are such a powerful way of replacing the ‘mind monkeys’ or the negative chatterbox that often creates unhappiness and a lack of confidence and low self-esteem within ourselves. At BeautyDel we are strong believers in the magic of affirmations.

Affirmations are a form of positive self-talk that transmits the key message to our inner self that we are doing ok and can keep improving every single day. They are strong positive sentences that carry true power. If we want to change our lives for the better, we have to hold constructive thoughts in our minds, different from those that generally occupy our minds. According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative, and 95% are repetitive thoughts. Only 20% are positive. It is time we make some changes!

To change your beliefs and create a new reality about yourself and your life, you have to bombard your subconscious mind with positive thoughts. The incredible magic of affirmations is that we don’t even have to necessarily believe what we say to ourselves. Just the mere act of saying them over and over again begins to reprogram the negative picture that we sometimes have. It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to the belief, and once the belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

BeautyDel encourages you to give affirmations a try. Just setting aside at least ten minutes a day to practise affirmations can really help. Use them EVERY time you notice negative chatter going on in your head. It really becomes a magical practice. Following are our favourite affirmations:

"I am Enough"

Damn right you are! You are enough. You are enough. Now look at yourself in the mirror. And say it, loud and proud, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You right here, right now, in your skin, with that hair and those eyes and that heart of gold.


"I deserve a life of freedom and abundance"

We are free and abundant. Free to choose a life that fulfills our desires. Abundant enough to understand that there is enough for you, for us, for everyone. Believe you are free and abundant, and so you will be. Be okay with knowing that you indeed deserve this. Because you do. YOU deserve freedom and abundance just as much as anyone else.


"I create the life I desire"

No one is going to do it for YOU. No one is going to create YOUR dream life for you. It is up to YOU and only you, to make it happen. Wake up. Tell yourself that you create the life you desire and in every moment, every decision, every choice you make from here on out, will be made with the sole purpose of creating the life you desire.


"I am loved, loving, and lovable"

Everybody wants to be loved, usually by somebody else. What we forget is that the biggest love we can feel at all is the love we give ourselves. If we don't love ourselves, we are only telling the universe that we are not worthy of love. Love yourself hard. Look in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU. Yes, you do it. Be silly. Laugh at yourself. Fall in love with your face, your eyebrows, your dimples. Only then can you be ready to love others and be loved in return.


"I am open to receiving"

Ah, this one is so magical. I am open to receiving. Receiving what? Receiving anything and everything that comes my way. I am open to receiving and recognizing the signs that the universe guides lay out in front of me. I am open for whatever messages are sent my way. Be open to recognize what is in front of you. And magical things will begin to happen!


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