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Unexpected Benefits of Swedish Massage

Benefits of Swedish Massage

When we schedule our BeautyDel Swedish massages, we think of simply easing tension and relieving sore knotted muscles. Still, there are hidden benefits of Swedish massage you may have never considered! A 2010 study by Cedars Sinai revealed that Swedish massage could create consistent positive changes in our bodies far below the surface. Discover some of the most surprising effects of your upcoming mobile massage below!

Benefit #1. Eases anxiety

Massage therapy is known to lower our blood pressure and heart rate, which can have an immediate effect on our anxiety levels, but did you know it reduces cortisol production too? Cortisol, our stress hormone, can be quite helpful if we face a dangerous situation, but often it decides to go into overdrive in the most unhelpful times! Swedish massage has been proven to balance our cortisol production, improving both anxiety and focus. Less stress and more productivity? Yes, please!

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Benefit #2. Improves Sleep

There are many contributing factors to insomnia, and often what is troubling us during the day is affecting our sleep patterns at night. Body aches, blood pressure, and cortisol production are all to blame for our disrupted sleep patterns. With fractured sleep, we can often experience fatigue during the day, and 4 o’clock-itis can become too familiar! Frequent massage can help us regulate our sleep cycle, increase REM, thus relieving daily fatigue.

Benefit #3. Corrects posture

With the increase of work-from-home situations, we often find ourselves to be desk dwellers -or even couch and bed dwellers! Frequent sitting can create weakness in the muscles of our lower back, as well as shoulder and neck strain. Ouch! Regular massage can target all forms of postural stress, and along with mindful posture, can eliminate the new aches work from home has introduced!

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Benefit #4. Heals Headaches

One of the most common headaches we experience is caused by tense muscles. Tension headaches can be disruptive, long-lasting, and generally unwelcome. Before you reach for the Ibuprofen, consider booking a massage! Swedish massage can target and correct the tense muscles responsible for your tension headache, with long-lasting results.

Benefit #5. Immunity Boost

The most surprising massage benefit we’ve discovered is its positive effect on our immune systems. Swedish massage increases our white blood cell count and can also balance our Th1 and Th2 cells. Th1 cells generate an immune response to intracellular parasites, bacteria, and virus, while Th2 fights extracellular disease. When these cells aren’t in balance, our ability to fight off invaders decreases. Regular massage can not only target your current aches and pains but set up your system to work better against future illness.

Swedish massage not only helps us with muscle aches but enhances our bodies performance at a hormonal and cellular level. Why, its therapeutic benefits are more than we can list! With BeautyDel’s mobile massage, we can expect more than a relaxing experience but an improvement in all facets of our wellbeing.


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