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Trendy Business Haircut Looks for Women

Business Haircut

Excited for your professional in-home haircut but not sure what would suit you best? We’ve rounded up a few trendy business haircut ideas for you! Whether it’s for personal or work-related reasons, finding great-looking business haircut can be fun and exciting. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of trendy business haircut styles for women. So, toss out the face charts and choose the style that speaks to you, we know you’re going to rock it!

Business Haircut #1 The Bob

In all it’s glorious variation, the bob is here to stay! From its origins in the roaring twenties, this cut still makes a statement, The question is, which bob is right for your business haircut look? From the classic chin length French bob, to the blunt shoulder grazing lob and everything between, there is nothing more effortlessly chic. So, who will be your style inspo? The middle parted blunt bob à la Margot Tannenbaum? The Mia Wallace heavy fringed mid length bob? The close cropped and baby bang combo from the oh-so-jolie Amélie? You can feel both business and on trend when you opt to bob it!

Business Haircut #2 The Wolf Cut

Business Haircut Look

Like it or lump it, the mullet has roared back in full force, but there are many ways to own this look without that severe delineation of business/party! Opt for shag-lite, with some fine choppy layers at the crown, or try a more blended shag with exaggerated, blended face-framing layers.

Business Haircut #3 Long and Straight

When someone says ‘glass hair’ does your mind go the Kardashian or Cher route? Either way, you can achieve these enviable locks with a little nourishment and TLC. See how long you can grow, tend to your split ends regularly, and ask your stylist about products with a high moisture content. This is the perfect sleek business haircut and BeautyDel's go to!

Business Haircut #4. Face-Framing Layers

This classic style works with every one! Whether you dedicate a minute or an hour to styling, face framing layers always look carefully curated, and the styling options are endless! Channel your inner Farrah with some loose swept away curls and va va volume, or embrace the pin straight Y2K vibe. Whether you choose to style or not style it, this haircut perfect for highlighting your favourite features. If you want to look like you mean serious business, this look is for your!

Business Haircut #5. Natural Texture

Business Haircut

Our absolute favourite trend to come out the past year is embracing our natural texture. Whether you rock pin straight or 4c locks, showcasing the texture you were born with is always a show stopper! This is different for everyone. For some, natural texture is a low maintenance option, and for others this is a big change that requires a lot of time dedicated to hair care. This business haircut is classy and professional. Either way, we love that the beauty of all hair types can be celebrated!


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