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Self-care Is Not An Expense, It's An Investment

The topic of discussion on the table today involves two little words that bring a whole busload of baggage with them wherever they go. Those words are self-care, and from what we’ve seen and heard, they have been subject to their fair share of controversy.

By definition, self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health, in particular during periods of stress. It involves mindfully taking time to pay attention to YOU, and it can be done in many different ways.

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Self-care looks great on paper and all, but over here at BeautyDel we know first-hand how difficult it can be to integrate self-care into a busy schedule. To BeautyDel, self-care means treating yourself with respect and listening to your body; knowing what resources are available to you and taking advantage of small luxuries that add a little sparkle to your day; remembering to breathe and remind yourself that you are deserving of love.

Every individual has a different definition of what self-care means to them and how they choose to practice it; the implication behind this being that YOU are the one who defines what self-care means to YOU. Here are three reasons why you should work to integrate self-care into your busy schedule.

1. Self-care boosts your immune system

I’m sure we are all well aware of the impact that stress can have on our bodies, specifically on our health. Too much stress can increase the risk of getting sick, while prolonged stress can increase the risk of developing heart disease or cancer. On the other hand, to improve your immune system, self-care techniques as simple as getting enough sleep, nourishing your body correctly, and exercising regularly can positively influence and even counteract the effects of stress on your body.

2. Self-care makes you more productive

It seems like a contradiction to say that slowing down can make you work faster, but it turns out that this is absolutely true. Firstly, being able to say “no” to certain tasks, chores, projects, what have you, allows you to avoid spreading yourself too thin so you can focus more of your attention on things that matter to you. Also, taking time for yourself will leave you feeling energized and refreshed, or if you are looking forward to some you-time at the end of your day, you will be more motivated to finish up what you are working on.

3. Self-care allows you to have more to give others, not less.

The typical woman is always ON, from the moment she wakes up in the morning to when she falls asleep at night, constantly giving her all. The problem here is that many women feel a sense of guilt or selfishness when they take time away from giving to/providing for others. However, in reality, when we take time to fill up our own glasses (be that with hot cocoa or a nice glass of red wine if that’s what you’re into ;)) we then have even more to help fill up the glasses of the people we care about.

So, there you have it, three reasons why it is important and valuable to make time for self-care.

The next step is to open up your calendar and set aside however much time that you feel you need and can manage, maybe a half-hour tonight or a whole Saturday. #treatyourself babe!

Over here at BeautyDel we KNOW you deserve it and we want to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to integrate self-care into your daily routine. Imagine how fabulous it would be to receive a hydrating facial or a manicure and not even have to leave the comfort of your own home (or your pyjamas for that matter). Well, BeuatyDel is making that possible! our team of professionals can deliver beauty services right to the comfort of your home. Click Here to learn more about our pampering in-home service.


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