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How to Create an At-Home Spa Day with Your Kids

It’s been over a year now since both men and women have had to make the switch to at-home mani’s and pedi’s because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over here at BeautyDel, we’ve even given a surprising number of mani’s and pedi’s to the kids of our fabulous clients.

Just like at-home nail care, suffering through a pandemic does not mean we have to go without luxurious and relaxing spa trips that help us escape reality for a few hours if you’ve got kids, even better! Invite them to join in the fun and make it a party. #SpaDay!!!

Before You Start

When getting ready to start your at-home spa day with your kids, there are a few things you want to set up.

  1. Set up some kid-friendly music. The aim is to keep the atmosphere calm, so it’s a good idea to keep the tempo a bit slower.

  2. Prepare some snacks. Having some easy-to-eat, non-crumbly foods will be a nice break in between at-home spa day activities. If you have them prepared in advance, that means less to do for you (or your loving partner) during your spa day.

  3. Get comfy. Slide into some fuzzy socks, put on some sweats, and get ready for some self-care with the kids.

Mani-Pedi Station

For the mani-pedi station, the aim is to create a little setup similar to what you would see on the table at a nail salon. First, select your nail polish colours. Then, fill some little bowls with warm water to soak the cuticles. You may want to give your kids a hand with the nail clippers or the polish if they need it.

Pro Tip: dancing around to your favourite music does a great job of drying nails. Take it from us, we’ve tried it!

If you want to step up the experience to another level, you can get BeautyDel to provide Covid-safe, at-home mani-pedi services at your #SpaDay with the kids.


There are so many feel-good, smell-good, and highly effective DIY face masks that can be made from ingredients you can find in your kitchen. The kids will love it, and if you chop up a few cucumber slices to put on their eyes, they won’t be able to tell the difference between your bathroom and the spa! BeautyDel has compiled a selection of face mask recipes that have a variety of benefits for your skin, which you can find here.

Pool Party (in the tub)

Who doesn’t love a good pool party? Am I right!?

If you don’t have a pool, not to worry. The bathtub is an excellent substitute (depending on how many kids you have). Add some essential oils or Epsom salts to the water, throw in a few flowers from the garden, and if you have a bath bomb, that’s always a crowd pleaser! Slip into the warm water and relax.

Bonus: Photo Shoot

Keep your camera or phone nearby (away from the bathtub, please!), so you can take a few sneaky shots of the memories in the making, maybe to show at their graduation party in the future; OR you could do a full-on photoshoot!! Get your kids to do some modelling in their bathrobes, slippers, and freshly painted nails. A photoshoot is a guaranteed hit with the little ones and will likely give you a giggle too.

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