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How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage

Has our Health Benefits of Foot Massage blog post piqued interest, and you want to indulge in this great massage between your scheduled mobile pedicures? We’ve got your back! Check out the steps to give yourself (or loved one) a relaxing massage.

1. Warming Up

First it is essential to get feet warmed and prepped for massage, especially if they are cramped, cold and sore. Begin with a nice warm soak with a relaxing essential oil and epsom salts.

Once dried, begin massage with a few foot rotations, increasing circulation. Use energized circular movements (up and out) working from heel to toe. Flex and point your foot, applying slight pressure with your hands for a good stretch. This step will get your feet feeling limber and ready for deeper pressure and manipulation.

2. Heel

Grasping your ankle with your non dominant hand for support, begin by grasping each heel and rotating gently. You may hear a few clicks and cracks of trapped air. Then, using both thumbs, massage the heel with firm pressure using circular movements. Focusing on where the heel meets the sole of your feet or any points that feel tight or tender.

3. Arch and Sole

Still using firm pressure, knead your sole and arch in straight and circular movements, working from the heel to ball of your foot. If you come across any tender points, apply firm pressure for 10-12 seconds to release the tension. Reaching the ball of the foot, spend a moment on each metatarsal, using the same circular movements.

4. Toes and Ankle

Take each toe, apply light pressure and do a few rotations, first clockwise, then counter clockwise. Spend about 15 seconds on each toe, then give them all a “hug” by lightly squeezing them together and flexing them out.

Now take a moment to show your Achilles tendon some love by gently squeezing and using straight movements down towards your heel.

5. Finishing Touches

Apply a lotion or oil that indulges the senses from calf to toe. Continue your massage with lighter pressure, going over the full foot again.

As relaxing and advantageous foot massage is, nothing beats letting a professional do the work for you! Opt for an extended foot massage for your next mobile pedicure service, and enjoy all the perks that come with it. Whether you have specific conditions that can be improved with foot massage, or want to add massage in your tool box of preventative care, not only your feet will thank you for giving them some love!


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