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DIY Easy At-Home Haircuts - Best Tips and Tricks

Easy At-Home Haircuts

Between your BeautyDel mobile haircut services, you may be tempted to pick up the shears yourself. We’ve all been there: something is just not growing outright, it doesn’t feel fresh, or your next scheduled haircut is simply too far away.

We wanted to give you confidence with the basic elements of haircutting, so your between-appointment haircut attempts don’t glean disastrous results. First, here are some tips and tricks to get you familiar with the basics of haircutting before you take the plunge!

Easy At-Home Haircuts

What you’ll need:

1. Good Shears:

This will be the biggest investment in your haircutting kit but it’s well worth it! The better the shears, the easier the execution of your haircut. If you choose professional-grade shears, you have them for a lifetime. Haircutting shears are measured in inches, and for novice stylists, we recommend smaller shears (4.5-5 inches) for more control during your cut. Thinning shears are optional, but really help with creating dimension in your haircut, and lightening thick, heavy locks.

2. Cutting comb:

A cutting comb is made of sturdy plastic, with both wide and finely spaced teeth. For longer haircuts, we recommend the standard 6-inch cutting comb.

3. Cutting Cape or towel:

A cutting cape will ensure your trimmed ends don’t get stuck in your clothes. Hair will always sneak around the cape to itch your neck but a cape or towel can prevent the worst of the itching.