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DIY Simple Wedding Hairstyles

BeautyDel Wedding Hairstyles

You don’t need extravagant hairstyles to look amazing on your big day. Sometimes less is more, and if you are thinking of styling your hair for your special day, we are here for it! Simple and minimal hairstyles can be just as elegant as the more elaborated ones created by professionals. We are confident that with a few rounds of practice, you can achieve the perfect hairstyle for your big day.

Whether you want to wear your hair down or in an updo, there are plenty of simple yet polished styles to consider. Following are 5 easy hairstyles that you can recreate without the help of a stylist.

Style #1 Sleek Low Twist

Does your wedding dress boast a beautiful neckline or back? Wearing your hair in a sleek low twist will let those details shine without competing with them.

BeautyDel Wedding Hairstyles

Style #2 Braided Low Bun

Add in some braids to achieve a textured low bun look.

BeautyDel Wedding Hairstyles

Style #3: Simple Middle Part

Rest assured that a sleek hairstyle will never go out of style. After parting your hair in the middle, spray on a shine-boosting spray to achieve this minimalist look. You can then straighten your hair or add in a few soft curls.

BeautyDel Wedding Hairstyles

Style #4 & 5: Classic Half up Half down

This universally flattering hairstyle complements all face shapes and most personal styles and wedding dress necklines.

BeautyDel Wedding Hairstyles
BeautyDel Wedding Hairstyles


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