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5 Eyelash Growing Hacks For Longer & Fuller Lashes

If you weren’t born with magically long eyelashes, then you know that sometimes even the thickest, most volumizing of mascaras can still leave your lashes looking a little sad and stubby. And that’s BeautyDel is here. Because there’s actually a whole world of serums and conditioners that help hydrate, enhance, and even lengthen your eyelashes—you just gotta know which ingredients actually work.

Here is everything you need to know about growing your eyelashes:

1. Use Coconut, Olive or Castor Oil

There's a lot of lore out there that natural oils can improve the length and strength of your lashes. Natural oil is rich in essential fatty acids that act as emollients, moisturizing and softening your eyelashes.

Pro-tip: The easiest way to apply these oils is to get disposable mascara brushes, and dip them into the oil, then brush the oil onto your lashes or you can simply pick up a little bit on your finger tips, rub it into your fingers and then rub your eyelashes.

2. Petroleum jelly

Vaseline petroleum jelly conditions and moisturises the lash lines which contributes to the fast growth of lash hair. Vaseline is an occlusive substance, meaning that it forms a layer on the skin’s surface that can effectively block moisture loss, keeping skin hydrated and healthy. Also, applying petroleum jelly on the lids keeps the area hydrated and soft which helps in the overall health of eyelashes. Take a clear mascara wand and apply some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on it. Run it along your upper and lower lashes every day for best results.

Pro-tip: You can also apply petroleum jelly before applying mascara to prevent the lashes from becoming dry and brittle and to make it easier for the eye makeup to come off in one gentle swipe.

3. Aloe Vera is a wonderful Eyelash Growing Hack

The healing proprieties of Aloe Vera aren’t just for skin and healing wounds. This tropical cactus plant also works well to encourage the growth of longer, thicker lashes. Do the following, and you’ll see over time your lashes will become fuller and thicker:

  • Put pure aloe Vera on your lashes using a clean mascara stick

  • Place the gel going from the inner lid outward, then wash off the next morning

4. Apply Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants to boost your overall health. But, one hack you may have not heard of? Putting a bit of cold green tea along your lash line to promote eyelash growth.

5. Groom, Groom those lashes

You groom your body by washing, wearing the best styles to suit you and you always take extra good care of your skin with the best facial washes and lotions you can afford. So, you need to extend this special grooming to the care of your eyelashes as well. Be sure to brush your lashes twice daily using a clean eye brush or comb. Regular grooming of lashes with an eyelash brush will stimulate eyelash growth and help make lashes look longer and fuller.

Growing your lashes can be a chore, but the effects of your efforts will be well worth it. If you want to get the best results from your efforts, you’ll need to remain consistent. Research and experiment with the oils, and methods and you’ll be on solid ground to growing the eyelashes you want and need. We hope these 5 Eyelash Growing Hacks help!

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