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Trending Looks for Your Mobile Hair and Makeup Appointment

Summer is the season of celebrations, and with every event, the ritual of getting glamorous is just as exciting! Be it a wedding, prom, or just a chance to enjoy the season with loved ones. Our mobile hairstylist and makeup artists will make your beauty prep simple: sit back and relax as they help create the perfect look for your event! The only tricky part can be choosing the best style for your special occasion, so we have gathered the season's most eye-catching, trending, and timeless hair and makeup styles.

Choosing a Hairstyle for Your Mobile Booking

When choosing your hairstyle, there are some factors to consider, and our BeautyDel mobile hairstylists will consult to create the most flattering style for you! What will you be wearing? If your outfit has an interesting neckline, or if you want to showcase your jewellery, you may want to wear your hair up.

What activities will you be doing during your event? If there will be eating or dancing, you may want to opt for a half updo to move more freely. What styles are most flattering for your hair length and type? No matter the length or wave pattern, there are great styles to wear for every occasion! See some of our favourites below.

Short Hair Styles

For super short styles, have fun with texture!

Want to keep it casual? Try beachy waves with a salt spray for grit.

Feeling formal? Finger waves are and always will be a timeless classic.

Medium/Long Hair

Be it bob, lob, or short shag; there are many options for medium to long lengths!

Half Updo's

Want to keep it casual? Have fun with braiding and opt for a looser wave. We love the look of multiple braids with de-constructed barrel curls!

More formal? Try more intricate styling with a diamond or flower accent. We love the use of hair accessories! Tucked in one side, nestled into your sections, or even woven into braids.


Our favourite more casual styles are asymmetric and let some tendrils down around the face

For formal up dos, try a sleek styled chignon at the nape. Create intrigue by adding movement and dimension to your style!

Choosing your Makeup

From the no makeup look to full-out glam, providing an inspiration photo helps zero in on your aesthetic. When deciding the best makeup for your big event, our BeautyDel mobile makeup artist will make modifications based on your skin tone and type, face shape, and highlight your favourite features!


The fresh face, no makeup look highlights your features and skin tone by using a palette unique to you! Lips, cheeks, or eyes? Highlight your favourite feature while keeping the rest natural and understated.


Opt for classic with a red lip and voluminous lashes or try swinging sixties-inspired eyes with a neutral lip!


For full-faced glamour, try using natural colours to highlight lips, cheekbones and eyes!

Casual or formal, timeless or trending, it's essential whichever look you choose makes you feel at your best! Our mobile beauty professionals are dedicated to making your beauty vision work for you. When you feel gorgeous and confident, all that's left is to truly enjoy the experience of your special event!


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