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Tips on Postpartum Hair, Nails and Skin Changes

Pregnancy has its perks when it comes to our hair and skin! That lush hair and pregnant glow that comes when our body receives high levels of estrogen is well known, but what happens to our bodies after baby? As our estrogen levels recede in the 3-6 months after birth, the changes to our hair, skin and nails can be quite drastic, and as common as these changes are, they are rarely addressed. You are not alone! Here are some handy tips to help you with the many changes that come with motherhood.


Why does hair loss happen?

Our hair goes through several stages in its growth cycle: Anagen (growth phase) Catagen (transition phase) and Telogen (resting and shedding stage). At any given time, about 6-8% of our hair is in the telogen phase, and we shed anywhere from 25-100 hairs a day.

During pregnancy the boost of estrogen slows the telogen stage, giving us the lushest, thickest hair of our lives. As our hormones levels drop post pregnancy, the telogen stage can become hyper active. This is called telogen effluvium, and can cause alarm as more shed hairs are caught in our brushes. up

What can you do about it?

• Don’t fret- as your hormones balance so will your hair cycles- the heightened telogen phase usually only lasts 3-6 months post pregnancy.

• Up your vitamin intake- Iron, Zinc, B6, and B12 all contribute to healthy hair production, and post pregnancy often leaves us depleted of these much needed vitamins and minerals.

• Opt for a new style- shorter styles and bouncy layers can create the illusion of volume and thickness, and can also be great low maintenance options during the busy few months of motherhood!



Why do skin changes happen?

Post pregnancy, your glow from heightened estrogen may be replaced by Melasma (dark spots), dry patches, spider veins, and even acne! This is a common experience for new moms. As your estrogen balances out post pregnancy, it can often be subject to some violent swinging first, causing an increase in melanin and sebum production. This along with a decrease in skin care (you’re busy girl- we get it!) can cause breakouts, and even painful cystic acne.

What can you do about it?

• For Melasma: remember your SPF! Protect the sensitive skin on your face from the sun, which can increase the contrast of your dark spots. Try to avoid the sun while it’s at its strongest, or rock some big shades and a wide brimmed hat!

• For Acne: Try to fit in a gentle cleanse twice a day. To help reduce inflammation and pimples, try products containing Benzoyl Peroxide or Glycolic Acid. For nursing mothers, try to avoid Salicylic Acids until after you’ve weaned. Also remember your veggies, vitamins, and drink plenty of water! Most of all remember this is temporary, as your hormone levels balance out, your skin will return to its pre-pregnancy normal.



Why do nail changes happen?

Many women report stronger faster growing nails during pregnancy, thanks again to the surge of estrogen. As your hormone levels drop out post pregnancy, your nails may become more brittle and weakened.

What can you do about it?

• Nail strengthening treatments, like Nail Envy from O.P.I can help promote longer stronger nails. Opting for a gel overlay is also helpful to protect your natural nail as you give the illusion of thicker stronger nails.

• Don’t panic, within 9 months after baby is born, your nails too will return to their pre-pregnancy state as your estrogen levels out.


Bonus! Body hair

One of the things pregnant women don’t often report is the increased level of body hair during pregnancy. This too is thanks to your boost of estrogen. One thing you can look forward to with your post-partum body changes is the sudden shedding of this excess hair! Within three months you will see a dramatic reduction in that extra hair acquired during pregnancy.

Your body has been through some things during pregnancy, and you will yet experience post-partum changes too. As inconvenient and discouraging as some of these changes are, there are always ways of managing them to make them less of a burden. Most of all remember how miraculous and strong your body is! Though acne, hair loss, and brittle nails aren’t fun to contend with, you brought an amazing little being into the world! Doesn’t that make everything worth it?


If you are in need of a mommy pampering time, we are here for you! Our mobile beauty services are designed just for you, busy, hardworking mothers. You can now enjoy facials, nails and hair services from the comfort of your home, all while having your little one accompany you.


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