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Preparing for Baby: Glamorously?

In the final weeks of preparation before your due date, you may have covered all your checklists for practical preparations for the big day. Birth plan? Check! Best route to the hospital? Double check! We know you’re going to be an amazing mama bear, and have probably worked out your birth plan many times over, but there’s one thing you may have forgotten to add to your list- you! Whether this is or isn’t your first rodeo, prioritizing time for you is just as essential as preparing for your wee bairn. Our little list is dedicated to some tactics that can help you feel your best!

1.Positive Empowerment

When nearing the end of your pregnancy, things begin to move quickly! With it, can come a flurry of questions, doubts, and anxieties. You may catastrophize all the “what ifs” that you can’t prepare for. This is a totally normal response to such a big event, but what if you could counteract that fear with positivity? When you catch yourself fretting over the worst possible outcomes, recognize that you’re catastrophizing, and turn your mind instead to the best possible outcome. Route to the hospital closed? Instead, envision every light turning green just as you near it! Picturing a 20 pound breech baby? Imagine instead the possibility of a short, near painless birth. Reminding yourself that the best possible outcome is just as likely can balance the worries of the worst!

2.Girls night out/ Couples night in

Soon enough your days will be filled with baby time, so it’s important to schedule in some of your favourite things to do solo! Is it shopping or brunch with your besties? Maybe a romantic dinner or movie night with your partner? Is it a solo trip to your nearest cafe with your favourite book? You will still be able to do all of these things post pregnancy, but they may be more difficult to schedule in. Planning to do some of your favourite things in between baby planning will help you stay grounded and keep your perspective sunny!

3. Meditation

Meditation is a great practice for any stage of your pregnancy. Setting aside some time for meditation can help counteract stress, fatigue, insomnia, and is even a helpful technique for pain management during labour! There are many methods to choose: simple deep breathing exercises that lower blood pressure and heart rate, body scans that aid in pain relief and fatigue, visualization techniques that calm anxiety and promote good sleep. Whichever method you find most effective, having meditation in your back pocket helps you have some control over the tougher things that come with pregnancy!

4. Me day!

Your body is doing some amazing things right now, momma! We often read about and focus on some of the negative changes that come with pregnancy- stretch marks, ever growing feet, but realizing that this all falls into the miraculous bag of creating life can change your perspective. Time to thank your body and feel great in your skin by scheduling some beauty appointments! A mani&pedi may make you want to show off those pregnant tootsies. Trying a chic new, low maintenance haircut, or having a relaxing facial can help you feel ready to tackle anything!

Above all, remember that taking the time for yourself helps you be your best self for those around you. Implementing positive self care techniques, and remembering your needs during the stressful final weeks of pregnancy has an empowering effect. Remember, if you do feel overwhelmed beyond what our tactics cover, reach out to your trusted healthcare professional. It takes a village to raise a child, but there is also a community in place to support wonderful mothers, and mothers to be just like you!


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