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What to Expect for your Facial

We are thrilled to be relaunching our facial services, and wanted to provide you with a step to step guide, so you know exactly what you’re booking when you book with us!

Which Facial to Choose

Everyone’s skin is different, and if you are unsure of which facial your skin is asking for, hop to the mirror and let’s find out together!

If your skin feels- tight, dry, and looks a little dull, you may have a dry skin type. We recommend our Hydrating Facial. This facial gives you that moisture boost that your skin may not produce so readily on its own, and even helps you retain that moisture.

If your skin looks- wan, with dark under eye circles, and has some discolouration from the sun, we recommend our Brightening Facial. This facial penetrates into the inner layers of your skin, reinvigorates your skins elasticity, and minimizes your dark under eye circles, and skin tone.

If your skin is- acne prone, or if you too had a resurgence of pimples from mask wearing, we recommend our Acne Facial. This facial removes impurities, oil, and debris and will help you combat those breakouts. This is also great for folks with a combination skin type (oily T-zone, dry cheeks) because its focused on balancing your skin.

We’re all about aging gracefully (or not- you do you girl) and you’ve earned your wisdom lines! If you’re in the mirror despairing over times little tricks, try the Anti-Aging Facial. We use collagen enriched serums and lactic acid to restore your skins firmness, combat wrinkles and add a bit more lustre.

What to Expect on Facial Day

1. Customizing your Facial

First thing we want to do is know how to target your skin’s needs best, and customize your facial accordingly, and so we begin with a thorough consultation. Before we even begin we will ask about:

  • Your skin type (and since we just figured out together this question will be a breeze).

  • Your skin care routine (What products you’re using, how often, and how they’re working for you).

  • If you have any allergies or medical concerns (this question is very specific to you, if you have any concerns, let us know).

  • Any specific skin concerns (Maybe you have rosacea, monthly flare ups, or a particular issue you want to target).

2. Cleansing and Make-up Removal

First off, we want to target the surface. We will gently remove any makeup and begin a skin cleanse, breaking up any surface level impurities, softening your skin and opening your pores.

3. Analyze

Now we want to formulate our action plan. We will carefully analyze your complexion, looking for where it is dry, smooth, rough, firm, dull, or if there are any breakouts. This will help them determine how we will approach your facial and also narrow in on the after care we’d recommend to you.

4. Steam.

We will use a facial steamer that directs a thin vapor of warm steam to your face. This is relaxing and helps softens up any blackheads and whiteheads. The sweat it produces will clear your pores. The sweat it produces will clear your pores.

5. Exfoliation

This is such a crucial step that your skin is often begging for! Exfoliation helps remove dead surface skin cells, excess oil, and the buildup that blocks your pores. When there’s buildup on the skin it has trouble regenerating healthy new cells, and loses its lustre and brightness- that youthful glow we all want! This step will help those fresh glowing skin cells to shine through! Because exfoliation is so vital for you, we want you to continue this process at home and will select the right exfoliant to continue the practice with.

6. Massage Time

Time to close your eyes and enjoy! Not only is facial massage extremely soothing and helps relieve tension, but it also helps with your circulation. The more oxygen and blood flow we can stimulate, the quicker new shiny skin cells can form. Long term massage also reinvigorates collagen production and that’s something we all want to encourage!

7. Customized Skin Mask

Based on our analysis, and your facial selection, we will now apply the face mask that suits you best. After your relaxing massage it won’t be too difficult to lie back, have a little shut-eye and let your custom mask do its magic.

8. The Final Applications

After we remove your face mask, it’s time for products! First a non-drying toner, which is essential for balancing the PH levels, and allows for the final products we apply to reach the deep layers of your skin. Next is the serum, which is applied to the areas of your face that need targeting. Serum drives deeply into your skin.


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