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5 Zoom Makeup Tips for Your Next Virtual Meeting

Have you ever done a full face of makeup and then logged into a video call or zoom meeting only to find out that it looks completely different on camera than it did in the mirror? Rest assured, you are definitely not alone.

We totally understand how annoying it is when your killer eyeshadow and perfect contour just doesn’t get translated onto the screen. Often times our complexions tend to appear duller over the webcam than in real life, which is largely due to lighting and camera quality.

Small screens and questionable wifi often mean that you won’t achieve a high-resolution image during your video call. As a result, most subtle and soft details in natural makeup looks tend to get lost on virtual meetings.

The good news is that BeautyDel has put together 5 Zoom Makeup Tips for your next virtual meeting to keep your makeup looking pristine and vibrant on screen.

Tip #1: Add a bold lip

The time has come for you to bring out your boldest and brightest shades of lipstick. If not now, when? We are in the midst of a global pandemic so you might as well have some fun while we get through it! Applying a bright lipstick will make your lips pop when on camera, extra points if you can coordinate your lip colour with a cute pair of earrings or a hair accessory. A bold lip gives off that special boss-lady energy that will have you looking vibrant and alive.

Tip #2: Amp up your mascara

This is where the having the right mascara becomes of the utmost importance. Curl your lashes and apply a few extra coats of your favorite mascara before your virtual meeting. When your lashes are well lifted and darkened, your eyes will appear wider and more awake on camera. We suggest sticking to a black mascara as opposed to a brown one for the purpose of showing up more clearly. Don’t be afraid if your lashes look a little too dark in person; remember that we’re counteracting the dullness and reduced quality that comes with using a webcam.

Tip #3: Don’t skip the under-eye concealer

You know what webcams really love? Under-eye dark circles. Make sure to swipe some concealer on the outer and inner corners of your eyes while preparing for your virtual meeting. We recommend selecting a concealer that is lightweight and that contains light-reflecting properties. This will leave you looking radiant while on camera and for the entire rest of your day.

Tips #4: “Soft Glam” is your new best friend

When in a virtual meeting, there’s no need for heavy foundation. Instead, you should opt for a BB or CC cream that provides light coverage and moisturizes the face. Also, be sure apply a light layer of powder on your t-zone to avoid oily/shiny reflection. Blush, bronzer, and highlighter are optional as they tend to get lost on video cameras, so apply them to your own personal preference.

Tip #5: Fill in your brows

Brows are the final touch of your enhanced zoom makeup look. Darken your brows just a shade more than you would usually do. Your brows will seem a bit darker than normal when you look in the mirror, but they will look the perfect shade when you hop on that video call. Groomed brows go a long way towards giving that professional look and polished touch.


Bonus Tip!

At BeautyDel we recommend that you invest in a brightening eye drop. Video cameras are designed to pick up on pink and red tones, so if your eyes are slightly red you will appear more tired on camera. An eye drop will remove any redness and/or dryness, keeping your eyes comfortable and bright throughout your meeting.


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