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3 Benefits of the Waterless Manicure

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If you aren’t sure what a waterless manicure is, it’s simply a manicure without the initial soaking process. Instead of placing your hand in a bowl of warm water, typically done to soften your cuticles, a lotion treatment takes place that leaves your fingers clean, hydrated, and soft. The oils from the lotion will replenish moisture in your hands, making them soft and smooth, ultimately providing a similar outcome that water would, however, without the adverse effects.

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When you soak nails prior to a manicure, your nail beds absorb the water and expand. If nail polish is applied while the nail beds are still swollen, the moisture will get trapped. When the nails eventually become dry, they will contract, and the trapped moisture that needs to escape will lead the polish to separate from the nail. This then causes the nail polish to chip much sooner than if the nail bed was dry to begin with. Water also causes nail plates to become more susceptible to dryness.

3 Benefits of the Waterless Manicure:

1- Longer lasting nail polish.

Have you ever noticed that your nails become softer and slightly bendy after a long, hot shower? This is because your nails absorb water. Polish adheres more effectively on fully dry nails because they have less moisture. Therefore, nail polish application on fully dry nails allows for a much lower chance of flaking and chipping and a much longer-lasting manicure.


2- Less time consuming.

At BeautyDel, we are well aware of how busy our clients are. This is the reason we started providing at-home manicures and pedicures in the first place! It’s no secret that people like to be pampered, however, the luxury of time is not always available. Due to the fact that dry manicures eliminate the soaking process at the beginning, substituting it for a quick and easy lotion treatment, the manicure duration is shortened significantly.


3- Minimization of cuticle issues.

The water element of a typical manicure plumps cuticles and makes it harder to notice the dry skin around the nail that would ideally be removed. By removing the soaking process, the lotion treatment keeps your cuticles dry and clean while also eliminating any dry skin on the hands. In turn, a waterless manicure will better protect your nails and cuticles in the long run.

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After reading about the benefits of the waterless manicure, the choice to switch from wet to dry seems pretty obvious to us. In fact, all BeautyDel nail technicians are trained to provide waterless manicures. Talk to a BeautyDel professional today if you’d like to know more!


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