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Give the Gift of the BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure

It’s that time of year!!! The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, the seasons are changing (even though the crazy Canadian weather is trying to confuse us). Those summery iced lattes are turning into hot chocolates and everything pumpkin spice. Cozy evenings in comfy clothes are definitely the go-to as we gear up for the holidays!

In honour of the very strange year that we are finally approaching the end of, we are launching the BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure. The BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure is perfect as a gift, for a girl’s night, or for any other special occasion, big or small (and yes, Friday night totally calls for celebration).

The BeautyDel team has amped up the luxury factor on our standard pedicure service to the max. When you receive the BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure, we transport you to a secluded spa retreat, creating a private oasis just for you, far away from the stress of everyday life.

Your personal nail technician begins the BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure by soaking your feet in warm water sprinkled with fresh rose petals. Epsom salts are added to the foot bath to promote muscle relaxation and reduce inflammation. You are also given a choice between six essential oils acting to calm the nervous system and bring the mind to a more relaxed state. Once we have transported you to this sanctuary of sweet serenity, we preserve this environment for the following hour as you receive your pedicure. Which includes nail trimming, polishing, cuticle care, and exfoliation.

But wait… There’s more!

The Luxury Pedicures comes with extended massage time to reduce tension and improve circulation. Then, you get to choose from over 50 nail polish colours (the struggle is real!) so that we can keep your beautiful feet looking more stylish than ever.

One of the best parts about the BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure is that it is an experience created just for you in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for you to go out into the cold, or even take a step out your front door, because BeautyDel takes care of everything. From set-up to clean-up, our sole intent is to create the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience for you, or the lucky lady to whom you are gifting the BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure.

Science has confirmed that gifting an experience makes your recipient happier than a tangible gift. By giving the gift of a BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure (or any other BeautyDel service) the excitement and novelty of the experience itself will leave a lasting impression and create wonderful memories, especially if you are able to enjoy it alongside that special someone. The BeautyDel quality is consistent and unparalleled, so you already know that the BeautyDel Luxury Pedicure is going to be the embodiment of pure bliss. Make this holiday season one for the books and give the gift of BeautyDel.

Sending our love!

The BeautyDel Team


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