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All About Our Mobile Nail Services

BeautyDel offers mobile nail services for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Our mobile nail service offerings include manicures and pedicures, with your choice of Shellac, Gel, regular polish, or extensions. As part of the mobile nail service, your BeautyDel nail technician will bring a selection of your requested polish colours.  

BeautyDel’s mobile nail service is provided by highly qualified and experienced nail technicians. Our mobile nail service is offered across Toronto, GTA, Hamilton, and Calgary from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Why You Should Try Out BeautyDel’s Mobile Nail Services

Flexibility: BeautyDel’s mobile nail service is there for you whenever and wherever you need it.  Convenience: As a Toronto mobile nail service provider, over here at BeautyDel we are very familiar with the definition of ‘busy,’ so our goal is to make it as easy as possible to treat yourself to a relaxing manicure or pedicure. Our mobile nail services are brought to you in the comfort of your own home and arranged around your demanding schedule to ensure the utmost convenience.

Safety: BeautyDel’s mobile nail service is at the forefront of the nail service industry in ensuring that strict safety procedures are in place to keep our clients safe. Our nail technicians come with full PPE including face masks, eye shields, and gloves. In compliance with the federal and provincial guidelines, BeautyDel is following strict infection control and sanitization protocols. Our tools are sterilized and soaked in alcohol for 10 minutes before and after each appointment. Tools are then stored in a sanitization pouch and opened when the service is being provided. Every client receives a new set of disposable nail fillers, buffers, and scrubs.

(Visit our website to find out more about our Covid-19 safety measures)

Why Choose BeautyDel For Your Mobile Nail Service

  • Customizability: At BeautyDel, we know that everyone has a story and each person’s life is filled with beauty and diversity, but also challenge and responsibility. Because of this, our mobile nail service is customizable to any and all of our client’s needs. Whether you are a working mom with only 40 minutes to spare while your child is taking a nap, or hard at work for way more than 8 hours a day, our mobile nail service is here for you in any way you need it. 

  • Quality: Our Toronto mobile nail services are offered by highly qualified nail technicians with over 10 years of experience in their field. Both the equipment and products that BeautyDel uses are of the highest standards.

  • Loyalty: When you choose BeautyDel’s mobile nail service, we do everything in our power to ensure your experience is up to expectations. We make a point of getting to know our wonderful clients personally, taking note of any and all feedback so that we are constantly improving and maintaining valuable, trusting relationships.

How Our Mobile Nail Service is Provided

STEP 1:  book your BeautyDel mobile nail service, by emailing us at or text/call us at (647) 371-0528 to schedule your appointment. A 30% deposit fee is required upon booking.  STEP 2: The BeautyDel nail technician will arrive at your location and set up for the appointment. Nothing will be required from your end. BeautyDel provides all the equipment and products needed for your mobile nail service, including a portable table and foot bath.  STEP 3: Our mobile nail service is provided with great customizability and flexibility. The general times for our manicure and pedicure service is 2 hours, including set up and clean up time. After the mobile nail service is complete, the BeautyDel nail technician packs up their equipment and leaves the space as it was found, clean and sanitized. Payment and tips are automatically deducted at the end of your mobile nail service, so there is no cash transaction that takes place.

How Much Do BeautyDel’s Mobile Nail Services Cost

Regular/Shellac Manicure: $60 Regular/Shellac Pedicure: $70 Regular/Shellac Manicure + Pedicure: $105 $10 removal fee for existing Shellac/Gel polish. $10 for Gel overlay.  $10 for nail design. $25 for Gel Extensions.   *All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

What People Are Saying About BeautyDel’s Mobile Nail Service

Our amazing clients have given BeautyDel’s mobile nail service a 5-Star rating on Google, and we couldn’t feel more honoured and loved. Click Here to read a few samples of the reviews we have received in the past few months. 


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