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Nail Trends 2021

The very first services that BeautyDel offered were mobile nail services, so they will always be near and dear to our hearts. We’ve done a lot of nail art over the past year and have noticed some interesting trends emerging as we move into 2021.

It has been captivating to follow the styles, patterns and designs that are requested by our clients for their nails. The BeautyDel expert nail technicians are super talented and accommodating when it comes to trying new things and exercising their creativity.

By combining the trends that we have seen in our BeautyDel mobile nail services with some common 2021 trends that have been predicted on various fashion pages and nail art blogs (Harper's Bazzar, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan) we have compiled a master list of 2021 Nail Trends.

We have outlined the top trending nail colours in our Colour Guide that are expected to be popular this year, as well as accents to include in your nail designs. Then, we list the top 5 nail trends to look out for and try for yourself in our 2021 Nail Trend Guide.

BeautyDel Colour Guide

First things first, a classic nude or light pink nail is a staple for the modern woman looking for a colour to suit every outfit and any occasion. These simple and elegant colours were popular in 2020 and are leading the way into 2021.

Two new arrivals to the 2021 nail trend scene are various shades of brown and shades of green. These bold colours may seem like they’re coming out of the left-field, but Harper’s Bazaar is convinced that the “Green Thumb” trend is here to stay, while Oprah Mag and Cosmopolitan are encouraging rich, chocolate browns that suit all skin tones.

Now let’s talk accents! In 2021, it’s all about the details. Black, gold, and white accents are all the rage when it comes to adding a little personality to your nails. You can use sleek black lines to make your design pop, gold to add a little sparkle for what Harper’s Bazaar calls the “Midas Touch,” or stick to white for that minimalist detail.

BeautyDel 2021 Nail Trend Guide

Trend 1: Abstract Negative Space

To avoid the unsightly and obvious grow-out space that occurs around that 3- to 4-week mark (Covid style), try working with negative space in your nail designs. Start with a clear base coat, get creative with designs and patterns, and then let it be.

Trend 2: Creative French Tips

Whether it’s changing up the colour, adding some sparkles, or going rogue in your own personal way, the traditional French tip has levelled up in 2021. Get creative with this new and improved version of a classic.

Trend 3: Animal Print

Trend 4: Retro Designs

The ’80s are back in style, and we are living for it!! Think bright colours, cool shapes, and funky patterns when doing your nails in retro styles, throwing it back!

Trend 5: Mask Matching

I think we’ve established that the masks are here for a long time, not just a good time. That being said, we’re making the most of it and matching our nails to our masks now! Depending on if you wear the traditional light blue mask or a cool patterned mask, their opportunities are endless.

The BeautyDel nail technicians work magic when it comes to nail designs and patterns, and we’d love to hear what you want your nails to look like in 2021. Otherwise, if you’re stuck at home for the next little while, we encourage you to try out these 2021 nail trends for yourself and tag @beautydelofficial on Instagram with your nail art to be featured on our page!


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