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Nail Trends – Fall/Winter 2021

Looking for some inspiration for your next manicure? We’ve got you covered! We have scoured through the trending styles for the final months of 2021 and here are our favourites. We want to try them all!

1. Shades of Brown

This trend popped up for fall and will still be highly sought throughout winter. Think of the shades you see in a gentleman’s study, the leather, the brandy, the mahogany wainscotting, and you know exactly the shades that are trending! From warm neutrals and taupe to deep leather hues, browns will be the ubiquitous shade of the season.

2. Colourful French Tips

Seen on runways for Spring 2022, basic French manicures have been given a colourful twist. Though white tips still reign, jewel tones, neons and pastels are all having their moment! Why not jump ahead of the trend, and try it for winter with a chilly blue befit of the season?

3. Cool Tones

From pale ice to navy, blues are having their day this winter, and why not? It’s the colour we think of when we think of the first snow (and more begrudgingly with the 40th snow). Try mixing it up with a gradient manicure, or a contrasting French!

4. Milky Nudes

That’s right! The shades we commonly associate with the dog days of summer will be reigning supreme through the winter months. Try these neutral hues along with the trending minimalist designs that have had such staying power throughout 2021! Add touches of gold, or mix trends with hints of blues and browns.

5. Glitter!

Winter just begs for sparkle, and this winter is no different. Try as glittery golden French manicure, subtle accent, or just indulge the whole nail with some shimmer! We all could use some brightness as the sun takes its rest.

6. Tonal

The rainbow nail of summer has evolved. Now, instead of the carefully curated light to dark gradient, tonal polishes have become free form. Contrasting or complimentary, orderly or random, we simply love seeing each nail pop in its own special way!

7. High Gloss

We are loving the lustrous finish that high gloss gives! Try a high gloss top coat along with any of the above trends for an extra zhush, or gloss up your natural nails. This finish works with practically any nail inspo out there.


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