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The Ultimate Bridal Package

Toronto Bridal Salon

Weddings are such special events, celebrating something beautiful surrounded by your loved ones. Planning a wedding? Hectic at best. Suddenly your planner is filled with tabs, sticky notes, and mile long to-do lists. Schedule in a fitting, a tasting, a nail appointment. Reschedule the fitting, which runs into the nail appointment, which now can’t accommodate you. Argh! Brides and wedding planners alike know and loathe the appointment shuffle strain. At risk of sounding like an infomercial, there’s gotta be a better way!

Here at BeautyDel, we saw a need unfulfilled, and want to check off some of those appointments in one go! We want you to feel nothing but pampered when it comes to you bridal beauty prep, and that’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Bridal Package for the blushing brides of Toronto.

Toronto Bridal Salon

Now not only are those essential services locked in for your big day, but they’re executed from the comfort of your own home! No more rushing to the salon. Your wedding grooming can and should feel more special than that! Try our Toronto mobile bridal salon, invite over the girls, have a mimosa (or two) and make your bridal grooming an added special experience. It is your day after all, so why not stretch that out a bit? You deserve it.

Interested in putting your wedding look into the talented hands of our mobile beauty squad? Here’s what we’ve designed with you in mind.


Our representatives love creating seamlessly organized action plans, and will create a custom package timeline for you to receive your services. Let us take the weight off you and your wedding planner by cementing your appointments. No more shuffle! All you have to do is answer the door when we come knocking!


At a date of your choosing, we will arrange your hair and make-up trial. Your bridal hair and make-up are vital steps we want to get just right, and we know how important it is that your look matches your dress and your desires. Our mobile bridal hair expert will give you a thorough consultation, listen to your bridal hair vision, and with your advice, create a flawless, finished style. Our mobile bridal make-up artist will take all your ideas and concerns and create a finished look to give you a full preview. We suggest you take the opportunity of trial day to show off your wedding look by scheduling it with another event, or using it as a photo-op with your bridesmaids!

Toronto Bridal Salon


Around one week prior to the big day, we recommend you schedule for your custom facial. This ensures your skin is at its very best. We also know one week out from the wedding is the best time to schedule a little massage and shut-eye. Things get real, let’s help you ease that tension! Our mobile facial specialist will begin your service with a comprehensive consultation, and determine the best facial for you. After your custom facial, they will create and advise on an at-home skincare regime that leaves you long term radiant!


Around three days out we recommend you’re scheduled in for your bridal manicure and pedicure. Our mobile nail technicians love helping you celebrate love, and will brainstorm with you to create a unique design that reflects you, and fits your entire look. Wait, there’s more! If any chips, or nail mishaps arise, our talented technician is on call to keep your nails looking on point up to you wedding day.


It’s the day we’ve been waiting for! It’s here, it’s here! Nothing to sweat, your personal beauty team already knows exactly what you want. Your wedding stylist and make-up artist will join you to create your flawless final look. You were always gorge, we just sprinkled a little BeautyDel fairy dust™ to emphasize! Once your look is complete we may squeal a bit, but don’t mind us, we’re just so thrilled for you!

Toronto Bridal Salon

We love that we can offer you appointments that were built to be relaxing and enjoyable. Knowing that you have scheduled self care in your final bustling week of pre-wedding appointments absolutely delights us. You deserve your primping and priming to be in a setting where you feel special. When our mobile bridal salon serves you at home, we can ensure there are no distractions and no obstructions to celebrating you and prioritizing your experience. So how do you feel about making your bridal preparations also much needed ‘me’ time? Does the thought lighten that weight on your shoulders a touch? We look forward to giving you an exemplary wedding experience!

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