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Wedding Nail Ideas for Brides-To-Be

Wedding bells are ringing! If you’re reading this article, maybe your wedding day is on the horizon, and BeautyDel is here to help you nail your big day (pun intended). You will have all eyes on you, noticing your radiance from head to toe. From the detailed shots by your professional photographer to your friends and family endlessly requesting to see your ring, your hands will definitely be getting their time in the spotlight. For these reasons, having an elegant nail design for your wedding day will make your hands look even more beautiful and give your guests one more thing (actually ten more things) to admire.


At BeautyDel, we want to give you one less thing to worry about so that you can be fully present during one of the most wonderful and exciting days of your life! We will take care of your nails so that they are as flawless as every other detail in your wedding plans. Every bride deserves to be treated like a Queen on her special day, which is why BeautyDel now offers a Wedding Nail Service designed specifically for Brides-To-Be.

During the BeautyDel Wedding Nail Service, your nail technician ensures that everything to do with the bridal manicure and pedicure are perfectly executed and that they remain that way up until the wedding is complete. Your nail technician will be on-call throughout the pre-wedding events and up until the wedding itself to ensure any potential damages are fixed as soon as they occur. Click here to learn more about the BeautyDel Wedding Nail Service.

With our Wedding Nail Service, the lovely bride can be certain that her nails will be taken care of with the utmost care and precision. The only thing that must be decided in advance is the nail design. Instead of browsing through the endless possible options available, BeautyDel has put together a shortlist of the most trendy and elegant wedding nail looks for 2021.

Look #1: The Minimalist

If your go-to nail colour is a simple nude or light pink polish, “the minimalist” might be perfect for you. This look is created by adding delicate details on top of a neutral polish. Thin lines in various patterns on a neutral background create a bridal elegance similar to lace or marble.

Look #2: Creative French Tips

Add a twist to the traditional French Tips! Alter this classic look by going for a French Tip design that embraces your personal style. Consider changing up the colour of the tips or adding some patterns to the blank space.

Look #3: Diamond Bedazzled Accent

If you are looking for a nail design that will sparkle underneath the bright lights and camera flashes, then the “diamond bedazzled” look is for you. Why limit the sparkle to just your wedding ring, when you can bedazzle your nails too!? After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Look #4: Ring Finger Accent

The ring finger accent is for the brides that are going for a more sophisticated look. Placing an emphasis on the ring finger will make your stunning ring stand out, while also allowing you to show a little personality either through colour or design.

Look #5: The Gold Accent

To add a gold accent to match your engagement ring consider asking your nail technician to add gold foil, gold strips, gold polish, gold crystal gems, or anything else gold you can think of. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the gold accent!

Look #6: Match Your Wedding Dress

Whether your dress is ivory, crème, champagne, nude, light pink, or any other colour on the spectrum, matching your nails to your dress is a great way to complete the look. You can also add some lace designs or a pop of colour to match your wedding shoes. At BeautyDel we know that the small details are what take your look to the next level.

If you are seeking further inspiration you can speak to one of the BeautyDel Bridal Nail Technicians today! (Click Here) We would love to help you select the perfect shape, polish, and design for your special day.


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