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Top 10 Trending Nail Colours For the Summer

When it comes to summer fashion and beauty palettes, the colours often veer brighter and lighter. While some shades—like white, beige, and pastels—are classic go-tos for the hotter months of the year, there are always ways to switch things up.

BeautyDel has narrowed down the list to the 10 prettiest colours you're going to be seeing everywhere this summer. Keep reading to discover the top trending nail colours for summer.

OPI is the most used nail polish brand at BeautyDel, the following colour names are from the OPI collection. But you can easily find substitutes with other brands.

#1 A twist to white - "Hue is the artist"

Are you a white nails in the summer kind of lady? Give this new colour from OPI a try. This is the palest lavender shade. It’s definitely a new twist on the classic white summer polish.

#2 A good warm tone - "Freedom of peach"

This peachy shade will bring so much warmth to your nails. Are you a “let’s just stay and watch the sunset” type of person? If so, you won’t need to chase sunsets anymore because this vacay-ready hue brings it straight to your hands. Everyone will spot this shine from a mile away, so get ready for the compliments.

#3 A beautiful terracotta shade - "I'm an extra"

This stunning neutral shade will work on an array of skin tones. Extra special that is! Wear this terracotta nail polish for an extra-ordinary look.

#4 A creamy mustard yellow - "Sun, sea, and sand in my pants"

I know what you’re thinking: a mustard-yellow nail polish? But trust! This rich, creamy hue looks insanely gorgeous against dark and deep skin tones, thanks to its warm, flattering undertones. Shake it off and enjoy this sunshiny yellow! It's the perfect colour to brighten up your summer days.

#5 A perfect cool tone - "Destined to be a legend"

A dusty blue may not seem like an obvious choice for summer, but then again, who wants to be obvious? This opaque shade is understated and cool (both temperature-wise and collar-poppin’-wise) and is spiked with enough shine that it’s still reflective, yet not too loud.

#6 A subtle metallic - "Pale to the chief"

Summer calls for metallic. This soft metallic will give you glowing nails ready for a good time. It’s rooftop season, which means it’s time to shine and hold up your glass of rosé in the sky to show off your nails.

#7 A classic nude - "Samoan sand"

Neutrals! Our favourite shades. This warm beige polish is a great palette cleanser to all the bright shades of summer. So if you just need a reset, this creamy neutral will flatter all skin tones.

#8 A soft yellow - "One chic chick"

This perfectly balanced yellow that offers a major summer mood. This is a pale yellow that doesn’t go on overly sweet or vibrant, reminding us of hazy summer days and relaxing afternoons.

#9 A zen tone - "How does your zen garden grow"

We'll see plenty of bright green this summer. It's more than just a pretty shade, too—the colour signifies life, renewal, energy, growth, and peace. Now and then you gotta go Zen with this luscious lime green nail polish.

#10 A rich green colour - "AmazOn... amazOFF"

Spice up your summer nails with this jungle green. Greens are underrated shades, but they really do deserve some shine. This shade packs a punch of pigment, it won’t take much to coat your nails in an opaque wash of colour.


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