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BeautyDel Mobile Nail Services FAQ

Deciding which type of mobile nail service is right for you can be tricky, and that’s why we’ve assembled the most frequently asked questions by our clients when booking a nail service.

Mobile Nail Services

Regular or Shellac?

Shellac has an edge on regular polish when it comes to durability and longevity. Because it is cured on the nail and not simply dried, Shellac can last up to two weeks (and sometimes even longer for the lucky, careful ones). Our talented mobile nail techs want to give you a manicure that you can admire for weeks, not days!

Shellac or Gel?

The difference between shellac and gel is its consistency, Gel is much thicker, and whether doing a gel extension or overlay, you can almost double the longevity of your manicure. It can also act as a protective shield against most chips, splits, and breaks.

Mobile Nail Services

Why Inside?

Weather permitting, we love giving our clients the outdoor experience. We do ask clients to allow us to execute Gel or Shellac applications indoors. Because of its curative properties, UV light isn’t the only thing that cures Shellac and Gel. We have discovered through experience that heat and the sun can do quite well in curing our polishes too, leaving your manicure subject to an uneven, cracked finish that could peel within a matter of days.

To Overlay or not to Overlay?

Decisions, decisions. We recommend overlay if you have weak, cracked, or damaged nails. A gel overlay can help you feign stronger nails. Your natural nail will be protected by the gel, allowing it to grow longer and stronger underneath. If you want a thicker, sturdier appearance to your manicure, an overlay can help you achieve that!

Mobile Nail Services

What Polish?

When you have a specific colour choice in mind, we do our very best to either have the polish of choice or bring a selection of polishes in the family of your desired shade- and siblings too, not twice-removed cousins! We make certain to have a large variety of shades to choose from, half the fun is getting to choose your polish. I know it’s my favourite part!

What Counts as a Design?

We consider anything aside from straight polish a design. From basic French manicures to the intricate pop art designs that are currently trending, all fall under the same category of nail design. Get inspired with your next design request!

What makes it Luxury?

Our luxury mobile nail services are made to pamper! Want an elevated, spa-like experience at home? With our luxury mobile manicures and pedicures, you can expect fresh rose petals, soothing epsom salts, and relaxing essential oils. We want to indulge all of your senses! Enjoy an extended massage and masque to soften your hands and feet. Perfect for spoiling a loved one for a special event, or even adding some zhush to your next girls day in with your bestie, our luxury services are made for any celebration!

Mobile Nail Services

What’s the deal with Bridal manicure?

Our Bridal services were made with the bustling bridal schedule in mind. Our mobile bridal manicure gives you the choice of shellac, gel overlay, or even gel extension, and you can select which manicure type you’re set on. This service includes all the add ons, so you will have some well-deserved time for pampering before your big day. Our technicians will ensure your final look is exactly as desired and will have a window open just for you in the following two days if your manicure suffers any major chips or breaks. If this sounds intriguing, check out our Ultimate Bridal Package, where we cover all of your bridal beauty needs in a single package.

Have a question we haven’t covered here? Contact Us! We believe there are no silly questions and will be happy to help, so you know just what to expect during your appointment with us.


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